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"Sacred Geometry are the smallest and largest building blocks of the universe. Everything is Geometry.

If you know this, and truly feel this, you not only can alter your universe, you can create universes."

∽ Astaran

Marco Bot aka Astaran

Artist / Coach / Trainer / Therapist


Sacred Signs are abstract, multidimensional representations of energy based on Sacred Geometry. Embedded in every sign are codes to unlock, release or unleash to raise your frequency and help you to ascend to the next level.

I am Marco, father, lover, coach, trainer, therapist and artist. I tune into the universal and earth energies daily and I have been gifted the power to translate these energies into powerful signs to help and inspire thousands of people around the world.

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Sacred Sign Services

I am a creator and therefor I offer many services. I hope you can find what you need and if not you can always contact me.

Personal Signs

Personal Signs are attuned to your energy and full of light, energy and power- codes for you to unlock.


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Sacred Sign Prints

A Sacred Sign to hang on your wall? Not only beautiful but also a way to unlock its embedded power.

Sacred Logodesign

A Sacred Sign is a perfect fit if you are looking for a company logo with a deeper spiritual meaning.

What is your Sacred Sign?

Personal Sacred Signs are unique and very different from the Universal Sacred Signs I create daily. Where the Universal Signs are attuned and empowered to help the collective as a whole, the Personal Signs attuned to you specifically and are empowered to help you on your personal journey.  A personal Sign can help with a lot of themes, for example;

Help heal trauma and releasing stuck energy

Play, enjoy, create and have fun!

Improve your health and vitality*

Open your heart to give and receive love

Reverse the Programming

Increase wealth and the relationship with money

Listen and speak with your body, higher self and inner being

Increase your energy

Boost your personal and spiritual growth

Clearing blocks and restoring flow

* although I have seen remarkable results I always advice to first contact your medical doctor

Sacred Sign of the Day

This is the Sacred Sign I created for this time. It is based on the energy of this moment and

helps to clear old energy of the collective energy, or to receive downloads needed in these times.

💗Divine Masculine 💗
does not play games for he holds all others equal to himself. He leads with love and integrity and healed his (toxic) masculine wounds and knows exactly who he is. He is deeply present and in tune with his emotions, in perfect harmony with the Divine Feminine. He lays down his ego and demonstrates what it is like to return to love.

This sign took some more time for me to make not because of the complexity but every sign is part of my personal process and toxic masculinity has played a large part in my life and it is part of my mission to clear that toxic energy and the effects of this energy on the world, especially the feminine.

This sign will help you clear the programmed toxic masculine and strengthen the heart, love, empathy, and integrity to come in full alignment with your divine masculine. Just focus for some time in the center of this image and embrace whatever feeling, thought or memory comes to mind. Breath deep, in and out, and allow yourself to feel. This will open you up and allow the light and powercodes to be activated in your body.
⁣Love⁣ & Warmth

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Some Of My Happy Clients!

I have been working with Marco’s sacred geometric templates for quite some time. I have been using the base chakra template to ground myself after channelling high star language. It has become a valuable tool for me as I often find it hard to simply switch to ground and be more 3D.


Being brought to tears looking at your signs ☺ good tears!

Ruth Schioler

What a special and beautiful experience! I received a message from Marco just at the right moment for me. Many things happened since..strange, hard and hopeful at the same time. The sign is sacred indeed. Absolutely beautiful and absolutely mine.

Jennifer Schot