The 5d Chakra System

You are an infinite spiritual being

having a temporary human experience

∽ Wayne Dyer

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Your 5d Ascension

Our physical bodies are changing to contain much higher frequencies of light and energy. This is known as your five dimensional (5d) body.This proces is called the ascension, the shift, the paradigm change, or under many other names.

During this process, you can feel restless, emotional, energetic, or completely drained. You and your body are changing and in this book, I will tell you about the 14 chakras with which I felt a connection. And for each of these new and changed chakras I have drawn a sacred sign containing power codes, downloads, and/or energy. And I give you an exercise to connect with these signs.

The 5d Chakras

  1. Earth Star Chakra
  2. Root Chakra
  3. Sacral Chakra
  4. Solar Plexus Chakra
  5. Diaphragm Chakra
  6. Heart Chrakra
  7. Thymus Chakra
  8. Angel Chakra
  9. Throat Chakra
  10. Well of Dreams Chakra
  11. Pituitary Chakra
  12. Third Eye Chakra
  13. Crown Chakra
  14. Soul Star Chakra

Physical & Digital Book

The book (both pdf & print) contain

⭐️ 14 chakras with a handy description

⭐️14 unique sacred signs for these chakras full with light codes and energy

⭐️ A simple no-experience-needed exercise

⭐️ Access to a private group to share experiences 

⭐️ Crystal suggestions for the new and updated chakras

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After you have completed the order you will directly receive an email with the ebook in pdf format so you can open it on any device.

Physical book

The physical book is printed with high detail full-color sacred signs on heavy (300gr) semi-gloss paper.

The book is bound by a wire so you can easily put the sign you choose in front of you.


The Sacred Signs Oracle Deck

A 74 card Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck with Silver Foil Signs. Containing Shamanic, Taoist, and Source connection knowledge.

Succesfully funded and almost ready to ship!

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