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The Universe is not outside of you.

Look inside yourself,

everything that you want you already are.

∽ Rumi

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Your Personal Journey

Personal Sacred Signs are unique and very different from the Universal Sacred Signs I create daily. Where the Universal Signs are attuned and empowered to help the collective as a whole, the Personal Signs are empowered to help you on or with your journey, your soulmission.

What are Sacred Signs?

The sacred signs I make are abstract and multidimensional representations of the energies shown to my minds’ eye during “energetic journeys”. I attune to different energies to see what benefits the human collective the most to create universal signs, or I attune to someone specific to make a personal sign.

Every sign holds unique messages and light codes, specifically designed to upgrade your body. You can think of these codes as downloads that activate parts of our so-called junk-DNA. But this is far from junk! This DNA (which covers 98.9% of our total genome) when activated will form new strands and helixes as we evolve into multidimensional beings. Codes can be hidden in anything, like music, buildings, art, another person, activity, nature, and in sacred geometry.

Most changes are gradual and will begin in the energetic bodies which will “trickle down” and upgrade the physical body. Sometimes though people experience spontaneous awakenings with a lot of physical changes in a short time. For example; the spine being restacked or easy weight loss without any effort.

You don’t have to understand these signs with the mind, your subconscious mind and energy body will know exactly what to do with it. All you have to do is open up your senses and be receptive to the sacred signs.


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When the order is received you will receive additional questions by mail. 


Start Attuning

After you have send the answers I will start attuning to your energy.  When the right moment is there I make an energetic journey together with your energy to see your Sign.



Within two weeks you will receive your Personal Sacred Sign together with the options you have selected.

What do you receive?

  • Custom made Sacred Sign attuned to your energy
  • Square image of your Sacred Sign
  • Wallpaper for your computer
  • Wallpaper for your phone
  • A quote/wisdom/poem connected to your Sign
  • Exercise to attune yourself with your Sign

Powered option*

  • Additional power embedded in the sign by using various energy techniques
  • Report about the used energy techniques

Healing option*

  • A remote healing for your body and auric field which prepares you to receive the coding in the Sign more easily

Reading option*

  • A reading which contains what I encountered when I’ve attuned to your energy

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