Sacred Logo Design

Design is the silent Ambassador of your brand.

∽ Paul Rand

Are you looking for a company or product logo and you want a more spiritual meaning to it? A Sacred Sign is a perfect fit!

I have more than 15 years experience in designing logo’s, brands, print-press and everything else product design-related!

This is what you will get:

  • You will receive a specially created Sacred Sign
  • High resolution and vector (scalable) images all ready for print-press
  • Story/meaning behind the logo

First we start with a videocall so you can tell about your company and your ideas to create a good starting point.

Showcase Alana Starlight

I had the amazing opportunity to connect with Jean Kirkham (Alana). She is a gifted artist and she channels and paints Higher Soul Portraits. Beneath you'll find some of her paintings and I really can recommend to check-out her other work.

Other logos

The Design Proces

Super you are considering me to design your logo. I always like to hear the story behind the person and the business.


(Video) call

First we will plan a (video) call. In this call we talk about:

  • You
  • Your business
  • Vision
  • Mision
  • (existing and/or wanted) Customers
  • The Brand
  • Existing materials
  • etc.


Sacred Sign

After we have had the (video) call I will start the process of creating a Sacred Sign based on your business.

After I have created this Sacred Sign I'll send it to you together with the story.


Logo design

After I have created the Sacred sign, I start adapting it into a logo. And depending on your wishes I also design other brand materials.

During this process we have multiple contact moments where you can give feedback on the designs.



In the end you'll have:

  • A Personal Sacred Sign specific to you and your business
  • A Personal Story belonging to you and your Sacred Sign.
  • A logo in various formats for various (print and digital) media
  • Colourschemes for usage in branding materials


The Sacred Signs Oracle Deck

A 74 card Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck with Silver Foil Signs. Containing Shamanic, Taoist, and Source connection knowledge.

Succesfully funded and almost ready to ship!

Now available for pre-order