Personal Sacred Sign


You will receive:

  • Custom made Sacred Sign attuned to your energy
  • Square image of your Sacred Sign
  • Wallpaper for your computer
  • Wallpaper for your phone
  • A quote/wisdom/poem connected to your Sign
  • Exercise to attune yourself with your Sign
  • Powered option*
    • Additional power embedded in the sign by using various energy techniques
    • Report about the used energy techniques
  • Healing option*
    • A remote healing for your body and auric field which prepares you to receive the coding in the Sign more easily
  • Reading option*
    • A reading which contains what I encountered when I’ve attuned to your energy


Sacred Sign options explained

For every Personal Sacred Sign I make, I make an energetic journey and I attune to your energy and translate this into a visual representation, a Sacred Sign. All the Sacred Signs I create are very powerful, it doesn’t matter which option(s) you choose. A Personal Sacred Sign is charged and full with powercodes for your specific journey.

The options available if you feel like you can use a little more (empowered and healing), or if you want to know more (reading).

Empowered Sacred Sign

When I make an energetic journey I attune to your energy and translate this into a visual representation, a Sacred Sign. This is normally the end of the process for me. If you feel you can use a little more, I can create an empowered sign for you. I’ll perform a ritual containing techniques from different teachings (i.e. Shamanism), including my own self-taught techniques. I’ll select and perform these intuitively and I write a small report about what I have chosen in your specific case.


When I attune to your energy I’m not only seeing images and Sacred Signs but I have all senses available. When you select this option I’ll add an extra page to the delivered materials with a report of everything I’ve witnessed, and anything your guides, spirit animals, angels, etc. wanted to tell to you.

When you choose to let me do a reading there is an option to ask questions. I can’t promise they will be answered, but I’ll take them with me in my energetic journey. Your soul knows exactly what it needs to show me for you to make your next steps.


You can also chose to add a healing. Before l start the process I will connect to the ethereal, emotional, mental, astral, celestial and kether fields in your aura and I will prepare and attune those fields to receive the codes in the Sacred Signs more easily. When I see “holes” in the weaving of your auric fields, I will also heal those.

When you choose to let me perform this healing it is important to drink a lot of (filtered) water! When you are clearing old- and even karmic energies, your physical body needs to get rid of these energies. It does this by yawning, fever (yes, fever is your body hard at work to clear), sweating, shivering, feeling the need to move around, burp, etcetera. Water can help you get through this more easily.


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Personal Sacred Sign



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